Our History

ourfairprice.com began with three small business owners who were trying to find a reasonable mechanism to save money and sell their products to a larger audience.

If this were a joke, it would say: "What do a golf course promoter, a restaurateur, and an e-commerce professional have in common?" Although the punch line wouldn't make you laugh, the result of these three business owners helping you save money and sell your products and services should make you smile.

Having navigated the tumultuous waters of the recession, our founders recognized the need for continued savings for their own businesses.

For the past ten years, our founder, Jeff Ahmadi, has operated a promotion company with a vertical concentration on golf courses. Jeff knew that if he provided reasonable discounts at upscale semi-private/public courses with minimal limitations, it would be an easy sell. Additionally, if he could bring players to the courses, they would return again and again. This is the same philosophy used to start www.ourfairpice.com for ALL businesses.

Jeff was concerned that the current daily deal sites were providing such aggressive discounts that the model would not be sustainable for small businesses. Additionally, he was frustrated with not being able to find content applicable to his needs. "I wanted a platform that would allow me, as a small business owner, to not only save money on my purchases, but to also sell my products at a fair price," Jeff stated. "My business doesn't need tanning sessions at 50% off, but we could use office supplies, payroll services, travel, entertainment, printing, etc. at a reasonable discount. We knew that if we could create an opportunity for the B2B community to buy at a discounted rate, as well as sell at a decent profit, we would have a win-win."

Having realized the need for such a website, Jeff created ourfairprice.com. As the name states, our goal is to provide the unique opportunity for small businesses to buy and sell at a fair price.

The reciprocal effect is that most of our subscribers can also provide offers to other subscribers. This community of businesses shares the same goals in their desire to save their company money and to sell their products or services. Our subscriber base is building upon itself. The larger it gets, the more valuable the opportunities to buy and sell become.

Our Mission

ourfairprice.com provides the unique opportunity for small businesses to buy and sell at a fair price.