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Revo Payment's ourfairprice Guarantee*

                         Yearly Savings
Monthly Volume Level Minimum Savings  
          $30k          $360.00  
          $50k          $600.00  
          $100k          $1,200.00  
          $250k          $3,000.00  
Actual savings may be higher.  

We made it very simple.

Take advantage of this deal and submit the last three (3) months of your merchant services statements for review. If Revo Payments cannot offer you a better deal with minimum savings (see chart, right), Revo Payments will issue a $300 AMEX gift card to you.

Revo Payments

Accepting credit cards is increasingly vital to a business’ viability, health, and growth. Consumers rely on online and over-the-phone sales more and more. The ability to accept online payments enables businesses to fully interact with their entire client base, regardless of how their clients want to pay for their purchases or services. Offering more ways for clients to pay for their purchases is a smart way for companies to take full advantage of every sales opportunity. 

Revo Payments is a Merchant Service Provider that is dedicated to offering only the best services to its clients. Revo Payments offers a full suite of merchant services, including credit and debit card processing, electronic check processing, gift and loyalty programs, and much more. 

Revo Payments offers a service to evaluate your business needs to ensure that you can get the services you need at the lowest possible price. This is just part of the exemplary customer service that sets Revo Payments apart from other Merchant Service Providers.

  Why You’ll Love Revo Payments:

  • Immediately grow your business by accepting credit card, debit card, and electronic check payments
  • Partnering with Revo Payments ensures that you will get the best possible price for outstanding service and dependable results
  • Revo Payments focuses on and educates its clients on Fraud Management and Prevention
  • Revo Payments offers easy technical integration with all of the major accounting software, and even offers custom integration where necessary
  • A trained professional will evaluate your business to ensure that you get every service that you need, but nothing that you don’t need 


* Your business must not be listed in  Prohibited and High Risk Merchants/Industries  directory.

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