$799 Custom Mobile Website & Hosting (design $599 + $200 annual hosting)

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  • Many features are available: YouTube video, social media links, mapping using GPS technology, contact form, blog link, newsletter entry form, leave a message, Tell-a-Friend (one-touch referral system to FB/tw/Google+,LinkedIn), RSS feed.
  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information.*
  • 61% of users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location.*
  • 90% of these users will act within 24 hours.*
  • *Sources: Google “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011

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If you do not love our preview design, you can cancel your order and receive 100% money back( you must cancel within 7 days from  the order date)

If you have 20,000 hits on your website per year, approximately 3,000 of them will be from mobile devices. With the increasing popularity of tablets such as Kindle Fire and the iPad, mobile traffic will skyrocket in the upcoming years. Trust The Milani Group to take your website and create a user-friendly mobile website so that none of those hits will be wasted.

The Milani Group recognizes the trend in mobile browsing and wants to ensure that your company is ready for that traffic. Creating a mobile site helps your mobile users to navigate your site quickly and efficiently. Whereas loading and navigating traditional websites is slow-going and difficult to navigate with a mobile device, using a mobile site is simple, easy, and quick. Loading traditional sites, especially when navigating through multiple links, can use quite a bit of data for a mobile device. Using a mobile site, however, limits the amount of data required to navigate, even through multiple links on that site.

The Milani Group is a company that is on the cutting edge of mobile site technology, and they will make sure that your website has a mobile site that will meet and exceed the expectations of your mobile visitors. With options for mapping, video, shopping cart, social media links, check-in services, coupons, and many more features, Milani Group will create a mobile site that will keep your mobile traffic coming back to your site again and again.



I just want to let you know how pleased we are with our new mobile ready website.  The improvement to our old site is incredible. Functionality and design are so much better than what we had.  I have had several customers mention it to me, so that's a good sign.  As you know, we were not mobile ready with our Osso website so that was also a major improvement.   Also, thank you and your staff for all of the additional help.  Our experience with your service has been great.

We hope to see you at Blue or Osso soon.


Alex Myrick

Blue Restaurant & Bar
Osso Restaurant & Lounge



Jeff - Good afternoon!
In response to our conversation. In review of the work that Our Fair Price has done for Icehouse South End, we are completely satisfied. We are, also thankful and appreciative of the business partnership that has been created.
Our Fair Price has done a wonderful job with creating a mobile website to better represent our operation. Our Fair Price has also worked diligently to create QR codes to better market our unit. In addition to the previous 2 initiatives Our Fair Price has also created a digital business card for our Catering Sales Manager. The digital card looks great.
We look forward to utilizing more services offer by Jeff and his team in the near future.
Andy Oswald - General Manager
Icehouse South End
Charlotte, NC

Jeff and Team,

Thank you for all of the great work on our mobile website and our QR codes.   We have already seen a large amount of traction due to our mobile presence.   We have not started to fully utilize the customized QR codes yet but look forward to it soon.  Our Fair Price team has been prompt and efficient in all of our dealings so far.  We look forward to working with Jeff and Our Fair Price more in the future.

Tim Buchanan
General  Manager
Dressler’s Restaurant

I'll keep it brief... OFP has a great design team that worked fast and did a great job.  Jeff was a pleasure to work with and I've been recommending to lots of business owners that I know, to let OFP make their mobile site.  Just check out their work and you'll be convinced, too, like I was.



Tom Taddeo
  • Voted "Best New Bar" by Charlotte Magazine, 2012 BOB Awards
  • Selected "9 Coolest Beer Gardens in the US" by Delish Magazine, March 2012 
  • CBS Charlotte: The best new restaurants opened in 2012



6400 Fairview Road
Charlotte, NC 28210


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