Track One Year Live Scoring of your Golf Group/Event

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Revolutionary Scoring App for Golfers

Why You’ll Love This App:

  • Watch live scores on your mobile device during play
  • Have the scores sorted by different categories
  • Play multi-round course events
  • Have an event with unlimited golfers
  • Find out if you need to get aggressive or conservative
  • Discover priceless information
  • Know if conditions are affecting your game
  • Bring another level of transparency to the group
  • Find out why Jim Furyk found GTG Golf worthy of endorsement

About GTG Golf

Grow The Game Golf is a revolutionary smartphone app that combines up-to-the-second scoring, live event leaderboard standings and effortless event-management tools. Created for serious golfers, GTG Golf allows anyone to make shot decisions and adjust play based on real-time scores and standings that were previously available only at the highest level of tournament play. The intuitive application improves concentration and enhances competition by providing real-time knowledge of where each golfer stands throughout the round.


Grow The Game Golf is available for the iPhone, Android and select Blackberrys, as well as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Droid Xyboard. For more information, please visit

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