25% Deposit Bonus on Your Private Charter Account (value up to $250K)

For those already flying first or business class, it's easier than ever to upgrade! 

Just because you have money does not mean you have to pay full price for your needs. Gone are the days that saving money on private jet travel is considered taboo.

Frustrated by decreasing performance levels and escalating fare levels, business travelers are seeking alternatives to commercial carrier products.

Private charter flights are seen as the best alternative to increasing company productivity.  

Even the stringiest financial officers will find this deal very cost effective.

Meet Stratosphere Jets. Since their inception, Stratosphere Jets has been arranging luxury private jet flights for their clients from and to anywhere in the world, with access to over 4,000 aircraft at 5,000 airports around the globe.

Privacy, luxury, and security are Stratosphere Jets’ top priorities. There are no upfront or hidden costs – no membership, acquisition, landing/departure, or maintenance fees. Pay as you go for the time you need. With no obligation or contract to sign, Stratosphere Jets offers a solid alternative to the high cost of ownership private jet ownership.

Flying with Stratosphere Jets typically costs 25–40% less than their competition.

Stratosphere Jets is truly a disruptive force in an old school arena of private jet travel industry, and is the fastest growing full-service charter of private aircraft in the United States.

ourfairprice.com is pleased to offer this unprecedented deal to our members. In addition to the 25–40% savings that you receive simply by choosing Stratosphere Jets over its competitors, by depositing funds into one of their ELITE CARD program's four levels, you will be instantly credited an introductory bonus of 25% to your account good toward all of your flight needs (minimum deposit $10,000).

Elite Card Program Levels
Silver: $10,000 – $249,999
Gold: $250,000 – $499,999
Platinum: $500,000 – $999,999
Black: $1,000,000+

Deposit $30,000 into an Elite Card receive a $7,500 bonus = $37,500 total credit available for use

There are no maintenance fees, upkeep fees or minimum balances to keep and you can withdraw your unused funds minus introductory bonus at any time without penalty (partially used funds will be eligible for a prorated bonus credit).

There is no annual fee and funds never expire. Your funds will be deposited in an interest bearing escrow account and will be drawn down on a trip by trip basis.Take advantage of this deal 

  • Reduce your corporate travel expenses without compromising on service
  • Plan your next dream vacation
  • Reward your employees with a luxury corporate perk
  • Provide transportation for that special client/major investor
  • Fly in style to special events – corporate retreats and conventions, golf tournaments, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings and honeymoons, sporting events, etc.
Stratosphere Jets
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

1.877.451.jets (5387)

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